Enrolment & Fees

Visiting Pymble Turramurra Preschool

If you are considering sending your child to Pymble Turramurra Preschool, we welcome you to drop in and meet our friendly staff, have a look around the Preschool and discuss your child’s needs with the director, teachers and assistants.  If possible, please give us a call and make an appointment to ensure the right people dedicate the right amount of time to your visit. You can also take a virtual tour of Pymble Turramurra Preschool.


Pymble Turramurra Preschool provides for children who are old enough to attend school the following year.

Children who turn 4 before 31st July are eligible to attend Pymble Turramurra Preschool.


A child may be placed on the pre-school waiting list as soon as they have turned 2 years of age.
Please complete the (1) Waitlist Application Form and returned it to the Preschool along with (2) a $50.00 (includes GST) non refundable, non transferable application fee and (3) a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate.  Your form will then added to the wait list according to the date and time it was received.

Within two weeks, you will receive a confirmation letter – parents must notify Pymble Turramurra Preschool of any change of contact details during this waitlist time.   If parents cannot be contacted at the time enrolments start, the place will offered to the next child on the list. Parents should also contact the Preschool if the place will no longer be required.

In the case of a family making multiple applications for enrolment for the same year, this fee is payable per application up to a maximum of $100.00 (includes GST).


Once you have been offered a place at Pymble Turramurra Preschool and you wish to proceed, please complete the (1) Enrolment Form and return it to us within seven days with (2) a $200.00 non refundable, non transferable fee.  This fee includes your $3.00 Membership Fee.  We also require (3) a copy of your child’s Birth Certificate and (4) your child’s Immunisation Record which we will copy and return to you.


To confirm your child’s position, you will need to pay approximately 50% of the term one fees by 1st November in the year prior. This non-refundable payment will be deducted from the term one invoice.  An invoice for the first instalment of the term one fees will be issued in early October.  Parents who do not wish to commit to a place by paying this fee will forfeit their secured position, however they may request to remain on the wait list.  This allows the Pre-school to carefully plan the dynamics of each class, hold orientation days and give children the opportunity to meet their teacher in the year prior to entry.


Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves and their child with the centre prior to commencement. Orientation days and a Parent Information evening are arranged to assist during this transition time you will be given an enrolment kit containing more detailed information.

Our Parent Handbook is full of information relevant to new Parents.


Pymble Turramurra Pre-school receives some funding from the NSW Government via the Department of Community Services for children who could attend school the following year and disadvantaged families. Usually this covers approximately 25% of the Preschool’s operating expenses.  The remainder of our expenses are covered by fees which are set each year by the Board of Management.

Fees are payable in three instalments – at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3.

Invoices are issued at the conclusion of the previous term.  A maintenance contribution towards maintaining our beautiful grounds is also payable by each child on their commencement at Pre-school. This is included in the Term 1 fee invoice or on commencement.

A fee deposit is required in Term 4 of the year prior to your child commencing Pre-school. This non refundable deposit secures your child’s position at the Pre-school and is deducted from your child’s Term 1 fees.

Pymble Turramurra Preschool understands that there are circumstances which can make meeting fee payments difficult, and as a community Preschool will consider alternative payment arrangements. Please contact the Pymble Turramurra Preschool Fees Officer if you wish to discuss fee payments.

Please request a copy our Fee Policy for more detailed information.

Fee Schedule for 2019

The fees for Pymble Turramurra Preschool are based on the overall running costs less the government subsidy as defined by the NSW Department of Education (DEC). The DEC stipulates that the subsidy will be available to:

  1. Children in their year before school (being at least four years old on or before 31 July in the year of preschool enrolment);
  2. Aboriginal children (being at least three years old on or before 31 July in the year of Pre-school enrolment);
  3. Children from low-income Health Care Card holding families (being at least three years old on or before 31 July in the year of preschool enrolment).

In 2019 all children (except HCC, Pension card & ATSI) WILL pay the NSW Govt funded fee.

The fees for 2019 are listed in the table below.  If you fall under points 2 or 3 listed above, please check our page the Additional Assistance page.

2019 Fee Structure

  • Waiting list application fee (includes GST)- $50 (non-refundable, non-transferrable)
  • Enrolment fee (payable for each year of attendance)- $200 (Confirmation of place fee- $197 and Membership fee*- $3 per year. Non-refundable, non-transferrable)

There are 2 fee levels at Pymble Turramurra Preschool:

  • NSW Govt funded fee (for children who are 4 years or older by 31 July in the year they attend)
  • Reduced fee (for those families who hold a Health Care Card or Pension Card)

In 2019 all children (except HCC, Pension card & ATSI) WILL pay the NSW Govt funded fee.

Funded fee
(NSW Govt funded)Paid in 3 installments at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3
HCC, Pension card, ATSI
(Reduced fees)
Paid in 3 installments at the beginning of Terms 1, 2 and 3
3 day group $1,980 $990
2 day group $1320 $660

An annual maintenance levy of $100 is payable with the first Fee installment**

Fees for 2020 will be published in late 2019 after the budget is complete.

* Membership of the Pre-school ($3.00) for a parent is obligatory while their child is attending Pymble-Turramurra Preschool.

**The initial fee invoice issued to each child at the beginning of the year, or on their commencement during the year, includes $100 that contributes to the cost of maintaining our beautiful grounds.


Banking Details

Please ensure to use your child’s surname as a Direct Deposit text reference.

Bank:  Bendigo Bank
Account Name:  Pymble Turramurra Preschool
BSB: 633 000
Account: 134822931

We choose to bank with a local community banking organisation.

Tax Deductible Gifts

Pymble Turramurra Preschool is able to accept tax deductible gifts for our Building Fund. Where a donation over $2.00 is made a receipt will be issued. These gifts will be used to improve the facilities at the Preschool.  Please ensure to write your child’s surname and “GIFT” as a Deposit text reference.

Bank:  Bendigo Bank
Account Name:  Pymble Turramurra Preschool Inc
BSB: 633 000
Account: 134881622