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Come on a virtual tour of Pymble Turramurra Preschool as we show you through our creative environment where teaching, play and communication form the basis for learning.


From Aunty Wendy’s Mob – performer

“Thank you once again for inviting me to perform at your amazing preschool! I visit hundreds of preschools every year…and thousands over the last 16 years that I’ve been presenting. I’m an early childhood trained teacher so I know when I’m in an inspiring place for children and amongst warm and professional educators. The children have been consistently fantastic every year I come and that says to me that the educators who care for them have a lot to be proud of…. it’s such hard work to make a preschool ‘work’ and Pymble Turramurra Preschool WORKS! Congratulations to your amazing team who have such a profound impact on the children attending the preschool.”

From Jam On Toast – performed at the Pymble Turramurra Preschool Fete 2013

“The children were so responsive, which is usually a result of fabuloso teachers. It’s easy to rock the house when they are inspired little people!”

From Parents:

“Thank you for providing such a magical, exciting, fun and interesting environment.  We love looking at all the incredible and imaginative activities you set up each day.  We are so grateful that all three of our girls had the chance to experience Handley Ave.  It truly is a magical and inviting place where play and childhood are treasured.  Thank you for the amazing education and care you provide.” <D&N>

“Thank you so much for loving, caring for, nurturing and stimulating our daughter this year.  She has had such a happy time and is more than ready for “Big School”. ” <SJ>

“Our five years at Handley have been so amazing.  We think you are amazing.” <JH>

“We are truly grateful for the love, support and all-round development that this beautiful community preschool has given our family.” <TH>

“We are privileged to be part of such a wonderful place.  Preschool is a time of great joy and happiness for our son.” <RR>

“What an awesome team you are and what an incredibly special place the preschool is.”  <T&A>

“We were so very lucky to have experienced the warmth, care, interest and passion for creating an incredible learning environment that you all contribute to, each and every day.  Thank you for creaing a love of learning and exploring the wonders of the world around us which we hope both boys will continue to embrace throughout the years ahead”.  <M>

“Words can not express how truly wonderful our time at Handley has been.  My two boys have had a fantastic time at preschool and they have so many wonderful memories to look back on.  Handley is a very special place and as a parent you feel that from the moment you walk through the door.  All of the staff are always happy and welcoming and above all always ready to listen.  We feel so lucky to have been part of the family.  We are so grateful for the amazing job you and all your wonderful staff have done.” <JG>

“Our four years at Handley have been awesome.  So welcoming, nurturing and involving the whole family.  This is the BEST PRESCHOOL EVER.” <LH>

“Our daughter has enjoyed being part of your very special preschool and we are grateful for all your patience, kindness, friendship and support.” <G&E>

“The time our daughters spent at Handley has been a blessing for which we are forever grateful.” <W>

“I have really enjoyed watching my boys grow and develop in the incredible, wonderful environment you create.” <JK>

“I have had two children attend Handley Ave Preschool so far and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. Whilst the facilities and huge outdoor play area and garden are very impressive, it’s the wonderful Staff who are the heart and soul of the preschool. Their genuine care for each child, dedication to providing stimulation learning activities and positive attitude towards eachother and the wider parent community is truly inspiring. I feel very lucky my children have experienced such a positive introduction to school.” [SJ]

“The team at Handley are true professionals. I am thoroughly impressed with the nurturing and learning environment that Handley provides and am constantly amazed at how my daughter continues to thrive and develop in her cognitive and inter-personal skills. I can’t speak more highly of the Handley team.” [DL]

“Love the friendly staff, beautiful grounds and the fact that my child asks daily when he can come back.”

“I have found the teachers and staff to be sincerely caring toward my child. I can see she is already feeling a warm sense of belonging at preschool which I feel is very important for her resilience building. I feel extremely confident that she is surrounded by a wonderful team of very positive role models during the three days she is there.”

“Very friendly and well organised.”

“My child is always happy to go to preschool and looks forward to seeing his teacher and friends.”

“Class mums, social committees and board of management are all good opportunities for parents to be involved.”

“Handley has provided my children with a sense of security at those all-so-important moments of separation from their family for their ‘big day of play’. They have also given them a sense of belonging and personal dignity, enabling my children to feel truly involved in the pre-school’s activities. The teaching staff stewarded them through the vital stage of knowing boundaries and showing kindness, all this, whilst having fun at pre-school everyday they were there. Thanks Handley.” [VM]

“As soon as we walked into Handley my husband and i knew Olivia would have happy days there. Being new to the area and not having family nearby, Handley became our extended family instead! Couldnt have asked for more.” [LS]